Imagine the Unimaginable - Capitalism Becomes One With Nature!

one with nature May 02, 2021
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Invest-a-Vision International
Imagine the Unimaginable - Capitalism Becomes One With Nature!
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Invest-A-Vision Gets Re-Started - Originally Got Started in November 2016

controversy Nov 02, 2020

Originally posted November 2016

After attending a concert in September 2016 at the Berlin Philharmonie in Berlin, Germany, I am inspired to debut the Invest-a-Vision blog which is meant to be an interactive site for discussing the realization of visionary inspirations through investing time, imagination, confidence, expertise and naturally finance or money.

The concert was two pieces composed and directed by the American, John Adams, Composer in Residence in Berlin for the 2016/17 season. He is known in the classical world as a minimalist described well in this link for those unfamiliar with his work: A guide to John Adams’s music

His compositions are physical, experimental and visual and not melodious. The first piece, “Harmonielehre”, Part I is what inspired me. Loud and repetitive, causing my eyes to journey through the orchestra searching for the source of the powerful sounds and feeling the forcefulness of the flow. It was brave...

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