Women Disrupt! Chaos Theory Origins-Some of the More Outstanding Coders were/are Women!

Finally after over 50 years, some women in math, computer science and now Chaos Theory are getting proper attention. First came the film “Hidden Figures” and now below a link to an article about Hidden Heroines of Chaos. What the article does not elaborate on is the influence of Chaos Theory on Climate Change or Global Warming. The theory started on the premise we can predict the weather. It would be interesting if any of these geniuses, female or male, could apply the Chaos Theory to significant and possible weather changes and draw relevant conclusions. Food for Thought…

The Hidden Heroines of Chaos (Quanta Magazine)  by Joshua Sokol

(Excerpt): “First, coders in general have seen their contributions to science minimized from the beginning. “It was seen as rote,” said Mar Hicks, a historian at the Illinois Institute of Technology. “The fact that it was associated with machines actually gave it less status, rather than more.” But beyond that, and contributing to it, many programmers in this era were women.

“In addition to Hamilton and the woman who coded in MIT’s nuclear engineering department, Ellen Gille recalls a woman on an LGP-30 doing meteorology next door to Lorenz’s group. Another woman followed Gille in the job of programming for Lorenz. An analysis of official U.S. labor statistics shows that in 1960, women held 27 percent of computing and math-related jobs.

“The percentage has been stuck there for a half-century. In the mid-1980s, the fraction of women pursuing bachelor’s degrees in programming even started to decline. Experts have argued over why. One idea holds that early personal computers were marketed preferentially to boys and men. Then when kids went to college, introductory classes assumed a detailed knowledge of computers going in, which alienated young women who didn’t grow up with a machine at home. Today, women programmers describe a self-perpetuating cycle where white and Asian male managers hire people who look like all the other programmers they know. Outright harassment also remains a problem.”

So much of mathematic formuli including algorithms is influenced by behavior, varied perspectives and biased assumptions. This will naturally influence interpretations and outcomes. There is a need for fairer input reflecting the populace at large and this too will influence the results, interpretations and applications of Chaotic Theory analysis! Let’s all dig deeper!

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