Unimaginable #7 Update: A Surprise 3rd Party – USA Gets a “Macron Effect!”

Who would have thought? Here is a link to a NY Times Opinion piece, “Are Republicans Ready to Join a Third Party?” by JULEANNA GLOVER discussing the idea of a 3rd party in the middle. I would have thought it would have come more from the Democrats, but it could be that a 3rd party would appeal to the moderates in both parties. Wow!

Unimaginable #7: 2018 is an election year, will the Republicans keep their majorities? A surprise 3rd party–USA gets a “Macron Effect!” The Macron effect in the USA? Unimaginable! A third party emerges from nowhere and takes both established parties by storm. Washington gets new meaning.

Article Highlights:

“And if surveys have any truth to them, plenty of Americans are ready to join them. A September Gallup poll found 61 percent of American voters support the idea of a third major political party, the highest level of support Gallup had ever recorded. Young voters seem especially eager to junk the two-party system; NBC reported in November that 71 percent of millennials want another choice.”

“A viable third-party candidate — say, someone with credibility inside one of the parties who bolts from it — would have appeal to voters across the spectrum. There are many Republicans wary of a second term for Mr. Trump, and yet right now they are entirely reliant on the Democrats to deliver a winning centrist candidate out of a primary process that almost made Bernie Sanders their 2016 nominee. A contest between Mr. Trump and a liberal Democratic candidate like Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts would leave the middle up for grabs. And a big contingent of politically orphaned political strategists, academics and donors would be ready to lend support.”


“Will outraged voters fall in line behind a resurgent Democratic Party or fuel the rise of a new major party? Abraham Lincoln was the last representative of a new political party to be elected president. He won in 1860 as the nominee of the anti-slavery Republican Party after he gained notice for his debates with Stephen Douglas during his 1858 Senate run.”

“In the post-Trump world of American politics, there are all kinds of potential candidates who make sudden sense. Those quixotic enough to daydream about a new political party aren’t foolish enough to envision a candidacy driven by policy papers or party platforms. Personality and principles — either adoration or abnegation thereof — will propel the election of the next president.”

Link to Unimaginable #7: 2018 is an election year, will the Republicans keep their majorities? A surprise 3rd party–USA gets a “Macron Effect!”

“Red” states continue to lag behind “blue” states in labor force participation, which may further exacerbate the nation’s political polarization. Here is the employment/population ratio.

Source: @IIF, @RobinBrooksIIF, @josephncohen;  Read full article / WSJ-The Daily Shot
US Jobs:Americans with higher incomes believe that there are tons of jobs available in their area. Lower-income workers are less convinced. 
Source: The PEW Research Center / WSJ-The Daily Shot


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