Invest-A-Vision Gets Started (January 2017)

After attending a concert in September 2016 at the Berlin Philharmonie in Berlin, Germany, I am inspired to debut the Invest-a-Vision blog which is meant to be an interactive site for discussing the realization of visionary inspirations through investing time, imagination, confidence, expertise and naturally finance or money.

The concert was two pieces composed and directed by the American, John Adams, Composer in Residence in Berlin for the 2016/17 season. He is known in the classical world as a minimalist described well in this link for those unfamiliar with his work: A guide to John Adams’s music

His compositions are physical, experimental and visual and not melodious. The first piece, “Harmonielehre”, Part I is what inspired me. Loud and repetitive, causing my eyes to journey through the orchestra searching for the source of the powerful sounds and feeling the forcefulness of the flow. It was brave and free and it felt inviting with a ‘Go for it’ lure like masculine sirens wooing bystanders. Well, to me much of this is what America is all about!

America is a country that has attracted adventurers, risk takers and people looking for freedom away from oppression. And most importantly, America is the ‘Land of Opportunity’ where these very risk takers can try successfully to implement their visions. Isn’t it great that a composition, the musicians and their large variety of instruments (fantastic percussion) can inspire the vision of what in my view has made and makes America great? There were parts of the composition that made me imagine road-trips through the expansive and beautiful landscape and some parts inspired visions of soaring eagles over mountains. All very cliché, but true.

John Adams was rather inspired by huge container ships in the San Francisco Bay, home of Silicon Valley, venture capitalists, inspired game changers and risk takers. San Francisco where he resides is a city on the edge. So this blog is an invitation to express food for thought on seeing how visions can be realized through the investment process. How do these disruptive times influence ideas and viable businesses.

Close the Gap: At the time of the original posting (September 2016), Trump was not expected to win although it was getting more evident that it would be close. Now he is in charge and determined to make America great ‘again’ and it is sad that all the values and history that has contributed to America greatness are not recognized in Trump’s plan. The real discussion points should focus on how to close the inequality gap and capture the founding values of America. Individual pursuits are the pride of America, but most people need a structure to optimize their performance. All should have a chance to succeed and not be restricted from pursuing their dreams.

Let’s start with what makes America great esp. now when most people worldwide are quite disturbed with the current situation. We seem to be in a world of very few political good (benevolent) guys–what do your good guys, worthy leaders look like? Please make a comment!

Now, please take a look at the top of the opening page and click on Invest-a-Vision (IAV), Controversy, Intuitive Finance and Imagine the Unimaginables. Your comments are welcome — let’s interact!