Intuitive Finance

Intuitive Finance comes about from being a woman in finance. Most financial experts get their ideas from reading, discussing and modeling. Some simply from the gut or intuitively which comes also from reading, discussing and modeling, but mostly experience. We all have unique experiences and therefore our gut reaction will be quite individual. Women are more prone to act on intuition and because it is not regarded as being so scientific, lacks credibility, but can often lead to a more beneficial outcome.

Intuitive Finance will focus on financial ideas coming mostly from women. It can be about women, not only in finance, but running successful businesses which automatically implies financial prowess. It can be about women who play an essential supportive role as part of separate from the mainstream. It can be about daughters and mothers and sisters. Please do not hesitate to share your ideas and thoughts esp. when it comes to economic growth and financial rewards or hazards. Men can of course contribute, mostly to provoke intuitive responses! This should be not only fun, but also controversial, disruptive, visionary and out-of-the-box thinking. Let’s get going.

To get started as well, take a look at Imagine the Unimaginables for 2017. It is an intuitive glance of events that could happen, but at the time of inspiration (December 2016) were not imaginable.