The Evolving Car Market – China goes Electric Pure while VW Still Believes in the Diesel

VW at the Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA) 2017 defending the case for diesel, while the fastest growing and largest auto market, China, has announced plans to end the production and sale of fossil-fuel-burning vehicles. In a way, this debate reflects not only the need to curb pollution and fossil fuel emissions, but also the urbanization […]

Women Disrupt! Women Heroes – Is the “Game of Thrones” 7th Series Finale a Foreshadowing?

Again as a non-participant in the joys and excitement surrounding the series, “Game of Thrones”, but curious nonetheless after reading Angela Watercutter of over the possibility of it ending with total female domination (See post below from July 17), I watched the final episode in the 7th Series, the only episode so far. Women […]

Women Disrupt….not!

This post will start with the conclusion. You have just read a compilation of links about women in the workplace, abilities and barriers to advance and why some make it and what is stopping others. There is an amazing amount of attention on the subject, hopefully it makes an impact. The most important point is […]

Women Disrupt! Even some speculate that ‘Game of Thrones’ ends with total female domination!

Admittedly not following the series and probably completely uncool, but can’t help but notice the coverage of the series in the broad media currently is very impressive! Cover stories everywhere and this kind of speculation from Wired magazine online makes it even more fun! “Wonder Woman” and “Game of Thrones” are simple reminders of the […]