Tesla’s Woes: Silicon Valley vs. Wall Street (Wired) – Investing in a Vision!

Thoughts on Tesla from a very distant observer sitting in the land of skeptics and the most challenged by Musk’s Tesla ambitions — Germany!   Investing in a Vision or Invest-a-Vision is what Elon Musk and his aspirations for Tesla are all about. Wall Street likes to analyze what the numbers say (see this link […]

Berlin: Amazon HQ3? Berlin’s Greatest Fear – Gentrification and Losing Its Edge – Look to Seattle!?!

Seattle and Berlin have a lot in common esp. as pioneering cities on the edge! Seattle has been a money magnet, initially as pioneer gold diggers supplied themselves on their way to Alaska, then becoming the home for Boeing leading to the great transformation with not only the success of Microsoft, but now Amazon. Amazon […]

Electric Mobility Updates: Tailwinds in Germany, Should We Make a Bet?

A lot is being published lately on Electric-Mobility and the rising popularity of electric cars. China looks to dominate and out-produce everyone including producing up to nearly 5 times Tesla’s Battery Gigafactory capacity in the next 3-4 years. This all points to lower prices and greater affordability. Some complain that it will also jeopardize battery […]

Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the data input and those who program it…

Here are two articles discussing the scope of artificial intelligence (AI)and its dependence not only on data input, but the prowess of those who write the underlying code and their interpretation of what the machine or algorithm is suppose to achieve. Most people assume Silicon Valley and recently I have heard programmers in China are […]

Women Disrupt/March! The Power in Negotiating-Domanatrix-Style & The Sundance Film Festival

Women, but let’s say people, marched again on the one year anniversary of the massive protest march last year. This time it was mostly about getting out and voting, equal rights and opportunity and despite all the current controversy regarding sexual harassment, the political agenda and voting took precedence. There is an immense pool of […]

Women Disrupt! Academia Economists Get an F for Failing to Attract & Keep Women and Minorities!

According to the two Economist Magazine articles below, women are under-represented in universities’ economic departments to a similar degree as in math, computer science, engineering and the physical sciences curriculums. Apparently, economists in academia prefer the more theoretical approach where men supposedly standout and women tend to fallout. The second article below published in January 2015 […]