Tesla’s Woes: Silicon Valley vs. Wall Street (Wired) – Investing in a Vision!

Thoughts on Tesla from a very distant observer sitting in the land of skeptics and the most challenged by Musk’s Tesla ambitions — Germany!   Investing in a Vision or Invest-a-Vision is what Elon Musk and his aspirations for Tesla are all about. Wall Street likes to analyze what the numbers say (see this link […]

Imagine the Unimaginables Q1 2018 Update – “Markets are angry!”

Last December, IAV published a list of Capital Market Unimaginables for 2018 (link) with lots of charts and now lets see how things progressed in the first quarter… Now what can happen in 2018 that most cannot imagine, here is the original list: Unimaginable #1: More of the Same – Business as Usual — Markets continue to […]

Berlin: Amazon HQ3? Berlin’s Greatest Fear – Gentrification and Losing Its Edge – Look to Seattle!?!

Seattle and Berlin have a lot in common esp. as pioneering cities on the edge! Seattle has been a money magnet, initially as pioneer gold diggers supplied themselves on their way to Alaska, then becoming the home for Boeing leading to the great transformation with not only the success of Microsoft, but now Amazon. Amazon […]

Unimaginable #2: Will Inflation Really Remain Elusive?

Unimaginable #2: Inflation remains elusive such that rates stay low and bonds continue to rally AND economies compete to lower taxes! Published 6 December 2017 There is a good possibility that the unimaginable of inflation remains elusive stays unimaginable as more and more predict “stagflation” on the horizon, BUT economic dynamics may be pointing to […]

Are Productivity Growth and the Stock Market About to Become Correlated?

Food for Thought… are we at inflection point on productivity growth? This article from the NY Times, “The Economy is getting hotter, is a Productivity Boom Next?” suggests that productivity depends just as much on demand as supply. The chart in the linked NY Times article from a McKinsey Global Institute (“Solving the Productivity Puzzle”) […]

Electric Mobility Updates: Tailwinds in Germany, Should We Make a Bet?

A lot is being published lately on Electric-Mobility and the rising popularity of electric cars. China looks to dominate and out-produce everyone including producing up to nearly 5 times Tesla’s Battery Gigafactory capacity in the next 3-4 years. This all points to lower prices and greater affordability. Some complain that it will also jeopardize battery […]