2018: Unimaginable no.8: Changed to Brexit on the Road to Reality

I changed my mind on Brexit. Having joined a public speaking club to support being disciplined in my work, I held my second speech on Thinking Out of the Box – Brexit. I discussed this unimaginable saying I thought originally Brexit failing is unimaginable and therefore not discounted and admitted to misreading sentiment. I believe most people hope it fails, wish it to fail, but since Britain has gone this far and it really is its character (fiercely independent I said), Britain will see it through. The welcomed flexibility and I suspect a kind of tax haven will keep it attractive for investors and businesses as an independent Britain.


Unimaginable #8: Britain capitulates on Brexit…NOT. Changed my mind on this one!  – Higher Europe growth causes Britain to wonder if she prefers higher growth and/or a weaker currency (many will argue, a weaker currency will fuel higher growth). The Brexit negotiations keep the uncertainty sky high! There is a lot of wishful thinking that Brexit fails, but at the moment it has just been postponed. Europe will get used to the idea and learn its lesson to promote its Strengths in order to convince others to stay. Looks like compromises enhance the process… Britain–the next tax haven?

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and Guten Rutsch (good start/slide) into the New Year! 

Don’t hesitate to make comments on the “Unimaginables” link above. 2018 should continue to be a good year for markets, the US elections will be interesting…

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  1. Tom in the Desert says: Reply

    Just forget the pie-in-the-sky possibility of post-Brexit Britain ever becoming a tax haven for very many Europeans or others; their class system, still-alive-and-kicking lively, will never allow more than a few Russian bandits and Arab princes who want apartments in central London or country houses ever to threaten the superior positions of the uppers.
    For those of us who were around in the Thatcher-Reagan years of the ‘80s when minds were broader on both sides of the Atlantic, there is still another big idea to consider: After the ignorant, trade-killing time of Trumpism is over, it might be time to bring back an idea that simmers in my brain and made more sense for the Brits and North Americans then and might do so now. After Mrs. Thatcher’s Bruges speech in 1988 when she outlined her need for free trade and effective competition and for no Euro “superstate” to threaten her people’ sovereignty, some of us free traders knew it was time for the US and Britain, and Canada to work on forming the NAFTAC. Like the sound of that? That would have been the North Atlantic Free Trade Area Community that would have allowed three large Anglophone countries with similar and much respected legal and ethical backgrounds as well as similar accounting standards to get together and agree on low or flat tariffs. Or no tariffs? And no messing around with the regulations of each other that have so annoyed the Brits in recent years, eg, new, environmentally efficient toasters for all of the Brits to use at tea time? Good neighbor Mexicans might have been asked to join in to the benefit of all, or even Anzaks, if you are old enough to know what that means, who might rush to us to protect themselves from a rising China. Alas, the opportunity time passed. Reagan was in his final years of work and might have even been too demented to propose something so intelligent and far-reaching to Mrs. Thatcher, and she was under serious pressure at home to chase after the big market just next door. Can we still be forward-looking enough to do something so sensible for our children?

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