Invest-a-Vision (IAV)

We all are visionaries, sometimes in the most mundane ways, but still we have goals and ideas some just to get us through the day. The word vision encompasses so many things, not only goals, but imageries, curiosities and futurisms. Invest conjures up mostly things associated with finance.

BUT we invest time, energy, creativity, our imaginations as well as our and others money and so investing can easily fit in the world of vision. Investing time, energy, imagination, creativity and of course money requires the investor to expect optimal returns and the financial investor would of course prefer maximum returns.

Living in Berlin Germany and experiencing the historical fall of the Wall, looking at the world as an American abroad allows for a unique perspective esp. in these times of controversy.

Invest-A-Vision is an idea long in the making. Originally in the early 80s before Smartphones and even the Internet, the idea was to put equity investment reports on a visionary media such as video tapes in order to stimulate US institutional investors to look at foreign stock ideas. International or Global investing was then still a strategy in its infancy. Investing in equities is associated with risk. Investing in foreign equities implies even more risks. Risk is adventure and implies the chance for great returns, but also significant losses. No risk, no fun.

Invest-a-Vision is a chance for all to discuss their visions and what the required investment is to optimize returns. Exploring foreign territory in the worlds of finance, art, literature, philosophy, politics makes Invest-A-Vision all encompassing and universal. Let’s go for it! I will make regular entries, try to provoke your response and interaction and we can build our visions together and make them happen.

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