Women Disrupt! Merkel Gets Challenged – Can She and Will She Come Out of her Comfort Zone? + Links

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, some will say the most powerful woman in the world, is now facing the greatest challenge in her stunning career. Who would have thought? Her dynamics of being a leader of progress went too far as Germany’s open arms for war-torn refugees created a stampede. Part of the controversy is whether or […]

Unimaginable #1 Update in Charts: Car Sales & PMIs- V-shaped recovery finally in Europe AND USA

The last update for Unimaginable No. 1** published just over a week ago implied US and European good growth prospects in jobs and property statistics, but sentiment remains elusive, and now we get more encouraging indicators from the US vehicle sales and PMI manufacturing statistics! The elusive sentiment comes from a fear of rising interest […]

German Elections! Germany Gets “Change” – Will Merkel Leave Her Comfort Zone…

…and go for a “Jamaica” Coalition = CDU/CSU + FDP (Liberals) + the Greens? Unimaginable #7**: Populists on the retreat (lose European elections) – not in Germany! Yesterday, Sunday, 24 September, Germany voted for a new Parliament. As was expected, Chancellor Merkel’s party won as did the potential for either a Grand Coalition, i.e. the […]

Women Disrupt! Women Heroes – Is the “Game of Thrones” 7th Series Finale a Foreshadowing?

Again as a non-participant in the joys and excitement surrounding the series, “Game of Thrones”, but curious nonetheless after reading Angela Watercutter of Wired.com over the possibility of it ending with total female domination (See post below from July 17), I watched the final episode in the 7th Series, the only episode so far. Women […]