Women Disrupt! Merkel Gets Challenged – Can She and Will She Come Out of her Comfort Zone? + Links

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, some will say the most powerful woman in the world, is now facing the greatest challenge in her stunning career. Who would have thought? Her dynamics of being a leader of progress went too far as Germany’s open arms for war-torn refugees created a stampede. Part of the controversy is whether or […]

Women Disrupt….not!

This post will start with the conclusion. You have just read a compilation of links about women in the workplace, abilities and barriers to advance and why some make it and what is stopping others. There is an amazing amount of attention on the subject, hopefully it makes an impact. The most important point is […]

Invest-A-Vision Gets Started

After attending a concert in September 2016 at the Berlin Philharmonie in Berlin, Germany, I am inspired to debut the Invest-a-Vision blog which is meant to be an interactive site for discussing the realization of visionary inspirations through investing time, imagination, confidence, expertise and naturally finance or money. The concert was two pieces composed and […]